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About company

The desire of the Government of Turkmenistan to develop transport and transit is based on a favorable geographical position of the country. On the territory of Turkmenistan in the ancient Silk Road was a trade (Silk Road), connecting East and West.
This advantage is not lost and today: the shortest route from Central Asia to Europe lays through Turkmenistan and the Caspian Sea. From the point of view of the road transport sector, this implies the development of intermodal transport method.

Martin Marmy,   IRU (International Road Transport Union) General Secretary

Experience since 1995 for the benefit of customers

The Company AUTOTRANS Ltd - is found in 1995.

It has been one of the most famous cargo transport companies of Turkmenistan for domestic transports.

Silk Road Logistics, as a part of AVTOTRANS organization, continues these ancient traditions.

Now we started to provide and expedite international transports by road, sea, air, rail and their combinations with close cooperation with foreign partners.

In our work we adhere to the following principles:

Why should the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development trust to us?

We are highly appreciated in the largest financial institutions. International bank EBRD (The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) evaluate the company Avtotrans as a reliable and promising company.

Engin Goksu, Head of the EBRD office in Ashgabat, said:

"Transportation market in Turkmenistan crushed and dominated by independent private entrepreneurs who own only one or two cars. Supporting a large company with a proven track record, the Bank contributes to improving the quality of services in the country, especially outside the relatively well-developed capital Ashgabat, such as the province Lebap, where the company provides own activities." More

By rating EBRD experts, «the company's activities will promote to closer and deeper integration into the world economy of Turkmenistan - a key objective for Turkmenistan».

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will provide a transport company Turkmenistan Avtotrans a credit at the rate of $ 2.1 million.

The credit will used to purchase 25 cargo trailers and other vehicles, such as cranes, buses and off-road vehicles (SUV).

We will perform any difficult order

Own fleet of vehicles and machinery
For the best query execution, Silk Road Logistics contains the car park. This allows us to offer customers suited for a specific project economical way to road transport. Including heavy loads, oversized and require the maintenance of a special temperature.

At the fleet of enterprise works: MAN trucks, Kamaz tanker truck, tent, trawl and other special machinery. Silk Road Logistics and further plans to expand the fleet to the successful development of the international transport market.

Warehouses: Own warehouses and refrigerators. Additional capacities are under construction.

Great work experience in transportation

Avtotrans Ltd / Silk Road Logistics - is one of the most famous companies in the local market with 20 years experience and respected and trusted by our customers, partners and local authorities.

Our staff is able to solve any logistics problems. We are always willing to help you.

Social and charitable activities of the company

The company has been supporting the Youth physical culture and sports organizations (IFRS) "Turkmenistan", which organizes sports activities for young people. And participates actively in other charity issues.

Team - the basis for efficient business

Andrey Kulyapin

Sergey Kulyapin
Deputy Director

Maksad Shayimov
Deputy Director

Adalat Shadiyeva
Main accountant

Anastasiya Polinkskaya

Batir Elmuradov

Shakir Kerimberdiyev
Sales manager

Saida Redzhepova-Kerimova

Farhad Redzhepov

Kamila Boltayeva

Our Licenses and Certificates

Andrey Kulyapin trained Logistics, Cargo Transportation in the United States.
Grant, paid US government.

Certificate for the transportation in Turkmenistan.


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