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As such, there are no restrictions to transportation can not be taken loads are not properly packed or may cause harm to transport and to personnel working at the loading and unloading.

On a customs warehouse there are limits storage of goods, in our no.

Yes, you can download it via the link:

Promotions we will lay out for a week, or month in the news. Watch out for them.

Yes, we have both the transport and warehouses, where special temperature conditions are maintained. You must agree in advance with the manager is in the order of delivery.

Yes, it is possible. Our experts will advise you and will assist for additional insurance.

Standard eurowaggon transport up to 20 tons of cargo, Internal dimensions - length 13.4 m, width 2.3 m, height of 2.5 m. Depending on the brand and model of machine height may be from 2.5 to 2.8 m and a width of 2.3 to 2.45 m.

Rigid packaging - is, for example, wooden or plastic boxes, which protect the goods from any possible damage. To avoid breaking the integrity of the containers with fragile materials, such goods also desirable to be transported in rigid packaging. For soft package include Scotch tape, polyethylene, paper, cardboard and boxes, etc.

Necessarily rigid packaging to be fragile loads and loads that can be easily damaged during transportation. For example, if it's dishes glasses, plumbing or liquid should packed in glass and plastic containers, cans with liquid, paint cans, watches, glasses, solariums, barrels and other plastic.

Prefabricated freight - type of cargo, which consists of a piece units for the teams of the parties. The need for a modular cargoes occurs in cases when the transported goods is so small that its separate delivery unprofitable. In such cases, it organized a special consolidated dispatch, when transported in the same container products from different customers. Transportation-forwarding office Silk Road Logistics dispose all opportunities such as the availability of warehouse various means of transport, trade logistics for the transport of cargoes.

The price depends on the route and the weight, dimensions and load requirements of the carriage. The final cost can be found, when you write a request.

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