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Changes were made number 3 to the official text of TP CIS for 2016 freight year for gauges differential fluid


Based on telegrams from TPK January 5, 2016 telegraphy number 64 and paragraph 1.2 of the General Regulations Tariff Policy of railways State participations or CIS for cargo transportation in the international communication on 2016 freight year (hereinafter the TP SNG 2016 freight year) Administrative Department of Tariff Policy informs on the amendment number 8 to the official text of the TA CIS for 2016 freight year for SEC.

1.      Paragraph 15 of section 2 of Annex 3 TP CIS. 2016 freight year supplemented with Paragraph 15.4. in the next edition:

"15.4. For the period from 01.01.2016 till 31.03.2018 (inclusive) to the rates of the CIS TP 2016 freight year for the carriage of goods in transit through the territory of Turkmenistan established the following reduction factors:

1       For alumina ( GNG code 2818) in wagons to transit stations Turkmenbashm - Zerger (through the port of Turkmenbashi), Serhetyaka- Zerger with further export of road and transit areas of Turkmenbashi - Departure of 161 Sarakhs - Departure of 161 Serhetyaka - Departure of 161 - 0.50;

2       For aluminum (GNG code 7601) in wagons to transit stations Rzd 161 - Turkmenbashi. Departure of 161 - Sarakhs, Rzd 161 - Serhetyaka, when reloading with road transport on the station Zerger with export through the port of Turkmenbashi (Zerger site - Turkmenbashi) and Zerger - Serhetyaka - 0.50;

3       For all kinds of goods (except alumina (GNG code 2818), aluminum (GNG code 7601)) in wagons of all types of rolling stock, containers (universal and specialized) at transit stations Serhetyaka-Akyayla (loading KZH stations and in the opposite direction of loading Iranian stations ) Serhetyaka - Serhetabat, Serhetyaka - Turkmenbashm, Serhetyaka - Departure of 161 Serhetyaka - Sarakhs in the opposite direction - 0.70"

2.      When carried in tanks and oil products tank containers (GNG code code 2721-2740) from third countries, to third countries established the following reduction factors (Section 1 of Annex 3 TP CIS for 2016 freight year).

0.70 - in the transit areas Takhiatash - Sarakhs, Takhiatash -Serhetabad, Takhiatash - Departure of 161 Turkmenbashm - Serhetabat;

0.80 - in the transit area of Turkmenbashi - Departure of 161.

Administrative Department of the Tariff Policy

Director of the branch of JSC «NC "KTZ"» - «Integrated management plan»


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