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Silk Road Logistics offers services:

International transportation

  • Europe, Asia and CIS countries.

Other Services:

International Cargo Operations

Complex of Services «door - to door»

Types of Transportation:

Directions of transportation: China, Russia, the CIS, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, Georgia, Iraq.

    Transportation is a key factor in the planning of international trade. The correct choice depends on the type of transport, whether import or export operation will be profitable.

    Domestics Transportations

    Experience - since 1995.

    We know the market and your load will come in time
    The organization of transport take into account the following factors in Turkmenistan:

    Drivers are trained and instructed. They are always ready to communication for rapid response in emergency situations.

    Book a calculation:

    Customs and brokerage clearance

    In Turkmenistan, the high demands on the documentary support of cargoes and strict customs control.

    Delay of cargo on customs unpleasant, especially if it affects the success of the business. To avoid this and to foresee how to avoid all the pitfalls can only professionals.

    Order Services of customs clearance in our company, you are removing the care of the paper slowness. We instead of you:

    It will save you time at least double. We know the nuances and peculiarities of customs clearance. We make quickly and with optimal cost.

    Warehousing, sorting, packaging

    Silk Road Logistics has its own warehouses of 770 sq.m., warehouses-refrigerators 550 sq.m..

    Own warehouse platforms provide safety of goods and minimize costs for customers. Services:

    All of high quality and carefully.

    The benefit of working with Silk Road Logistics

    The company personnel - professionals working on the proven, deferred algorithm:

    "Is it possible to save on transportation?" - A question I asked myself when I started my business I thought mad extravagance to pay for additional services. I decided to do everything by myself. Abandon from everything-that could customs clearance, additional storage services. A few days went, spent twice as big, yes and got nervous! My business stood at that moment.

    Now I think that everyone should mind his own business. Orders from the professionals. In the company Silk Road Logistics is Everything suits. Clearly, business-like. And most importantly, I am sure that everything will be done correctly.

    Evgeny Sergeyevich, deputy head Bel.Gor.Him.Prom